Training Notes: Recovery

How to Recover from an ultra marathon

After an ultra marathon, your body may be damaged.  The depth of the damage will determine your due course of action.  Below I have outlined two methods used to recover from the Zumbro 100 Endurance Run.  The method you choose will depend on your lifestyle, body weight, and other factors.

Method 1 (the rest method)

The day after the race you go sit in the hot tub and sauna.  You continue to do that for the next week.  Apart from that, you put your feet up and rest.  You keep moving, but don’t do more than you have to.  Then you race shorter distances as fast as you can.  In 2015, I ran the Earth Day 1/2 Marathon in a personal record time of 1:26:14 the Saturday following Zumbro.  Three weeks after that I ran a 3:14:03 pr at the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon.  You don’t ask how, you just do it!  This method works best for hippies, rich people, the unemployed, or those who in some other manner don’t have to consider working during the week.  The key to this method is rest.

Method 2 (the walk-it-off method)

Sunday-take part in a cross training activity, such as a men’s hockey league game.  This is a good way to get a few other bumps and bruises to compete with the ones bothering you from the race. (i.e. the “Major Pain” strategy)

Monday-11 hour brewery shift

Tuesday-3 hours flyer delivery

Wednesday-8 hour brewery shift

Thursday-5 hours flyer delivery

Friday-8 hour brewery shift

Saturday- register for another race, forcing your body into a self conscious quickened recovery, this year was Chippewa 50k for me

This method is best suited for hockey players with part time jobs in brewing and flyer delivery, but it can be applied to other occupations.  You might be a bowler who runs a pet grooming shop by day and officiates basketball games at night.  And that’s fine.  The key to this method is that you walk it off.

Both methods are tried and true, though you will need to tailor them to fit your specific individual needs.  Most people will find some combination of the two methods to be optimal.  Following either method can increase your rate of recovery by 50% or more.  Individual results will vary.   Hope these tips are helpful.  Happy recovery!


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